About Vernon Little

My name is Vernon Little. I’m a hip hop/holy hip hop artist from the Bronx, N.Y. I was dedicated to the Lord as a baby in the early 1970’s, and raised in the church. My mother was a devout Christian who attended church regularly. My parents were together until I was 7 years old. After divorcing, my mother took my brother and I to the Co-op City section of the Bronx, while my dad moved to the Parkchester section.

As a teen, I started hanging out in the streets a lot. My mother worked long hours and went to bible school, so I had a lot of freedom. I didn’t go to school much for the first two years of high-school. I also began drinking alcohol. I  got introduced to graffiti at that time and began writing on walls and trains. I got arrested one time for it. One good thing around this time was me getting introduced to rap music.

I changed high schools my third year. Even though I was going to class more, I was still drinking a lot and began getting into a lot of fights which led to a few arrests. I was originally rapping with a group, but eventually went solo. The group I left got a record deal soon after I left. As for me, I ended up spending some time incarcerated right before I was supposed to finish high school.

While there, my mom brought me a Living Bible. It was easier for me to comprehend than the King James. I wrote my first gospel rap song at that time titled ‘Proverbs’ from the book of Proverbs. I also got my G.E.D. while there, and began college.

I came home as an adult and struggled for awhile. I got back in school, but a good job was hard to find. I recorded a few songs, but nothing materialized. I left the music alone to focus more on taking care of myself. My mom and two of her sisters along with their husbands had started a church – Faith In God – while I was away.

I eventually found a decent job and was doing OK for myself. Fast forward to 2009, I was sitting in the lunch-room at my job when a co-worker invited me to his home studio to record some music. He didn’t know about my musical past, which led me to believe that maybe God was opening a door. I told him that I had recorded in the past, and accepted his invite. I believe the Lord told me to put Him first in my music and He’d open some doors for me. So, the first song I recorded for my comeback was ‘Proverbs’ which was written almost twenty years earlier.

I was blessed to be able to release a CD in 2011 titled ‘A New Beginning’ through Tate Music Group. I also released a CD this year (2018) titled ‘Double Minded’ through Bentley Records. Multiple platforms have been made available to me to promote the good news of the gospel. I’ve continued to keep God first in my recordings. Since I started back recording, I also was attending bible school which led to me being ordained as a pastor. God is good.